I cicli di crescitaEvolution is a natural fact.
One of the Rossi group's strength is the capacity to guarantee constant checks during the trout's cycle.
The embryonic eggs are placed in the incubators for about 20 days until they hatch. Later fingerlings live a period of passive swimming, until the full resorption of the embryo sac. This is followed by the progressive phase of transferring the fingerlings into tanks whose size becomes increasingly larger: 10 days after hatching (0,3 g.), after 30 days and in the fourth month of life. Then a new selection is made and when the fingerlings is about 55g is transferred in another farm to complete the cycle.

When the trout size is ready the trout is slaughtered. It is put into special tanks to avoid traumas before the slaughter which is painless, by electric pulse. By this time a year and a half has passed since the hatching of the eggs.



1. Gutted
Gutted process
2. Filletting
Cleaning and filleting phase

3. Ice
The fish is kept constantly fresh
4. Packaging
The fillets are ready to be packed
La scelta dell'acqua Choice of water
Constant checks are very important like the choice of water.
Gli avanotti Fingerlings
Fingerlings in the passive swimming phase.
Le uova Eggs
The embryo eggs are placed in the incubators for 20 days before the hatching.
L'ossigenazione Oxygenation
Carlo Rossi while measuring the water's oxygen level.
La schiusa Hatching
Eggs during the hatching phase. The cycle from the hatching to adult trout is about a year and half.
L'alimentazione Feeding
Trouts at feeding time.

The success of a firm is the result of a way of working complete and efficient at each stage of production.  This way of working is considered very important by the Erede Rossi Group specially at the end of the production cycle when there is the slaughter and transformation of product: gutted, filleting, smoking, freezing, deep-freezing. The work is carried out by modern and technologically avant-garde machines, but many operations are still handmade. The production is characterized by fresh fish all year by different fish’s size: delicate and tasty meats, strong and healthy fish, in the complete range of fresh products (whole trouts, gutted and filleted, white and red) vacuum-packed (whole trouts and smoked or marinated fillets, white and red) and ATP-packed. The Rossi Group's annual production is up to 5000 tons equally divided between the large-scale distribution in Italy (30%), the traders (30%), freetime fishing (20%). The remaining 20% is gutted and frozen, or distributed in Belgian, Dutch, German and French markets.

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