Geograohically perfect farms.
The position, the quality and the number of the farms are the heart of the Erede Rossi Silvio's production success. The most important is the first historical farm of Sefro (1947) subsequently restructured on 70's. Then were been acquired the hatchery in Norcia and the breeding farm in Biselli di Norcia which together produce about 3000 tons of rainbow trout. Just as important for the quality of its production is the hatchery of Urago d'Oglio (Brescia) that supplies the breeding farms of Torre Pallavicina (Bergamo) with excellent quality fingerlings. The Oglio river’s water and the natural springs permit production of trouts in different size, and the strategic geographical position of the farm permit easy business for national and European market.

After that is the acquisition of Salmontrutta (Torre Pallavicina- Bergamo 1994) and of New Gabriel (Ligneuville- Belgium 2002). Moreover, in 2009 were been acquired the breeding farms of Colli sul Velino (Rieti), Popoli, Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara), Rivoli di Osoppo (Udine), Cittaducale and Rivodutri (Rieti).

Geograohically perfect farms.

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